If you schedule regular maintenance for your home’s comfort system and always make sure to call for repairs at the first sign that something is faulty with it, you should expect the furnace to work dependably through the winter. However, there is no way to avoid all malfunctions that might creep up in a heater; if you discover that your house isn’t receiving heat or that some rooms are colder than they should be, here are a few steps you can take to attempt to remedy the problem.


  • Check your thermostat:An incorrect setting on a thermostat is often the simple answer to why the heat isn’t turning on. If you have a heat pump, the system may still be set in cooling mode. For a programmable thermostat, an error in setting the time and temperature may be responsible. If the thermostat appears broken, call us and we will schedule one of our A-TEAM members to come.
  • Check your circuit breaker panel: Heating systems can sometimes trip a breaker. Even gas-powered furnaces must rely on electricity to run. A tripped breaker will keep the furnace from turning on. If the heating system continues to trip circuit breakers after you re-set them, call us and we will schedule one of our A-TEAM members to come.
  • Make sure that the warm air vents are not blocked: Moving furniture and rugs in a room could end up blocking the warm air vents, resulting in cold spots. Check to see that all the vents have open access and the airflow from them feels warm.
  • Call us to schedule: If none of the above steps helps the situation,

call us here at A-TEMP and we will send out an A-TEAM professional to go to your home and analyze the problem to discover the best way to remedy it.

Our AC was not working, and we scheduled service for July 1, 2015. Anne was the service technician that was sent out to diagnose and fix the problem. I would like to say that I was highly satisfied with her work. She was excellent at communicating the technical reason for the problem. She took the time to explain to me what the problem was, and showed me the problem at the disconnect fuse box. She was also willing to explain the problem to my husband over the phone. He later complemented her explanation. We were highly satisfied with the work she did. And, I have told several friends that I would recommend A-TEMP, and Anne as a competent service technician. Several friends that I spoke with said that they would appreciate having a woman as a technician, and someone willing to explain technical problems in a way that is easier to understand, as they are often the household member that interacts with the service technician. Thank you.
— Elizabeth & David C., Portland, OR.
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