UV Bulbs

Ultraviolet (UV) lights destroy harmful microorganisms that are too small to be trapped by air filters, thus cleaning your indoor air.

A UV light system and air purifier is a proven way to fight allergies and reduce allergens in your home. Cool, dark, moist surfaces that usually exist in HVAC systems spur the growth of mold. Applying UV light in these problem areas can make a big difference in the spore counts and clean your indoor air. A-TEMP can install a compact, economical UVC germicidal air purifier on your home heating or air conditioning system that will automatically disinfect your indoor air and ventilation ducts.

This UV technology has been used in the healthcare industry for decades to reduce infection and sickness, and the recent development of a small, self-contained unit now allows A-TEMP to offer the same benefits for your home in Portland, OR. A UV system uses around the same amount of electricity as a regular light bulb, but it will help your system boost efficiency, so you may even use less power overall.

When mold occurs on cooling elements, it begins to insulate it from circulating air. This makes the heat transfer from the air to the elements take more energy. Then your system begins to run a little longer and cycles more often to achieve the same temperature setting. This uses more energy and increases wear and tear on the system. We also recommend quality filtration to keep the elements and UV lamps free of dust, and then the UV light will keep mold away and work to optimize system efficiency.

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