Sherwood Heating & Air Conditioning

Heating systems require regular maintenance. A-TEMP has been Sherwood’s premier heating and cooling experts for over 40 years. We service both gas and electric furnaces. We also maintain and repair heat pumps and air conditioners, ensuring optimal air quality throughout your Sherwood home. If your system is outdated or has past the point of no return, we can also install a new furnace, air conditioning unit, heat pump, or ductless heat pump. When it comes to heating Sherwood, Oregon, we’ve been the #1 heating and cooling company in the Portland-area for decades.

Heat pumps require maintenance from time to time to run at maximum efficiency. The filter should be changed or cleaned at least once a month. Beyond this ordinary maintenance, we can also perform our 21-point heat pump tune up. We check the belts and motors, electrical parts, and perform a number of diagnostic tests, too. We even check the thermostat settings so that ensure that your house is always at the temperature you set for it.

Electric furnaces need regular tune-ups to ensure that your Sherwood home is well heated all winter long. In addition to repairing units that have malfunctioned, we perform tune-ups to keep you unit running at its top potential. When our experienced technicians perform a 21-point furnace tune up, not only adjust the unit so that it performs optimally, but also inspect it to allay any issues that might cause you trouble in the future. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repairs and replacement. Your Sherwood heating unit deserves all of the TLC you can provide. A-TEMP is there for all of your furnace and heat pump needs.

Sherwood gets hot in the summer. Heat waves caused by changing climate conditions seem to be a new normal in the Pacific Northwest, so your Sherwood air conditioner needs to be in prime operating condition to meet your needs when thermometers climb into triple digits. Our 21-point inspection ensures that your unit is tightened, cleaned, and that any worn-out parts are replaced before they break. Sherwood seems to be heating up more and more as the years progress. Have us service your heating to help you keep your cool.

A-TEMP is your go-to service provider for Sherwood heating and cooling service, repair, and installations.We know the greater Portland area like the back of our hands and can have a service van to your residential home in a jiffy. Give us a call today!