Happy Valley Heating & Air Conditioning

Happy Valley residents deserve the best heating services possible, and A-TEMP has been providing that service for over 40 years. Our experienced and professional technicians are on-call 7 days a week year-round to maintain, repair, or install your heat pump or furnace. We work on both regular and ductless heat pumps, as well as air conditioning units. We also maintain air systems to ensure the best air quality for you and your family.

All ductless or standard heat pumps need maintenance and regular tune-ups. Our proprietary comprehensive, 21-point tune-up checklist ensures that every part of your unit is checked, adjusted, and cleaned. After a tune-up, your unit will run at maximum efficiency. That’s not only helpful to the environment, but also puts money back into the pocketbooks of Happy Valley residents. In many cases, our tune-ups have saved heat pumps from serious malfunction. If extreme heat or cold is coming to Happy Valley, you want your heat pump ready to function to its maximum potential. There’s no room for error when drastic heat waves hit.

Furnaces are more common in homes across the Portland, Oregon area. We can tune up, repair, or install either an electric or gas furnace to meet your Happy Valley, Oregon heating needs. Our expert technicians can visit your home and perform our 21-point inspection to ensure the longest life for your heating unit possible. We inspect every pump, belt, and electrical part in the unit. Heating Happy Valley homes is A-TEMP’s #1 priority. Not only do we do regular maintenance and tune ups, but we can repair any malfunction or install a brand new unit to keep your family warm in the darkest, rainiest, and coldest months.

With Happy Valley’s rainy weather, air quality can be a concern. The region is known for mold and mildew, and we can clean you ducts to ensure that they are free of any mold or mildew spores. We change filters and UV lights as well. A UV bulb in your air system can kill many airborne germs and viruses, too. No matter what your Happy Valley duct cleaning needs, A-TEMP has you covered with a team of professional, expert technicians that can be at your home within days to service, repair, or replace your heating or air conditioning units. We’ve served Happy Valley for over 50 years. Call our knowledgeable sales staff for an estimate or an appointment today.