Boring Heating & Air Conditioning

Our experienced and professional technicians have been serving Boring heating and cooling needs for almost 50 years. You can see by our amazing customer service reviews and rankings that we’re the top dog for furnace and air conditioning installations, repairs, and tune-ups in the Portland, Oregon area. We treat Boring residents with care and respect. We’ve serviced some of the same homes for half a century. Read our testimonials to see why we’re the #1 heating and cooling company in Boring.

Modern furnaces and heat pumps run at almost 95% efficiency, while older models range between 50-75%. It might seem like an unnecessary expense to install a new heating unit in your Boring home, but you’ll recover the costs with lowered utility bills in a few years or less. Consider installing a new gas furnace, electric furnace, or heat pump into your home today. We work on weekends, and never charge a dollar more for off-hours or overtime.

As the weather in Boring gets warmer, adding an air conditioner to your home is becoming a necessity. We’re the best installers in the business. We also repair and tune-up older units. Our 21-point precision tune-up process will increase your air conditioners efficiency, which will lower your utility bill and save you money.

Air quality should always be at the front of your mind. Regular replacement of air filters should be part of your family’s yearly maintanence, but it’s something that’s very easy to forget about. A-TEMP’s Comfort Club is a program available to Boring residents that provides once-a-year regular service visits. We do the obvious stuff, like cleaning ducts, and replacing worn out filters and UV bulbs, but we also offer advice as your system ages. Furthermore, unspent Comfort Club dollars go toward new installations and repairs, so your money is never wasted!

Before considering going anywhere else for your Boring heating and cooling needs, be sure to ask about the guarantee programs of our competitors. A-TEMP’s 100% Service Guarantee is one of the strongest in the Portland, Oregon area. We’ve been in the business for almost 50 years, and we take our reputation seriously. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your service visit, please let our local customer service representatives know. We live in your community, and your happiness is important to us! We perform installations, repairs, and maintenance work seven days a week, from 7 to 7.