Heat Pump Repair

Nationally, a properly maintained heat pump will last, on average, about 16 years. In areas with harsh climates or corrosive coastal air like Portland, OR, homeowners may need to replace their heat pumps sooner than that.

By failing to address small issues now, you may wind up with an expensive compressor problem down the road. Because of the technical expertise required in heat pump maintenance and repair, we strongly recommend working with A-TEMP HEATING & COOLING.

How do I know I my heat pump needs to be repaired? 

When your heat pump fails or is not functioning properly, it could signal any number of problems. For example, the heat pump simply may not run, the unit may short cycle, or the automatic defrost cycle may malfunction. Other common problems include low airflow, leaky or noisy ducts, temperature problems, or rattling, squeaking and grinding noises coming from the unit or the register. Such problems may actually be linked to your furnace, the ductwork, or even your home’s electrical system.

What occurs during a repair? 

First, we can guarantee that when you call A-TEMP between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., 7 days a week, a kind, courteous voice will answer the phone to schedule your repair appointment.

Once at your home, our professional technician will perform diagnostics to identify and isolate the cause and location of the problem

We will communicate with you, invite you to have a look, and provide you with an overview of specific repair costs. We’ll also discuss how we’ll repair your system and bring comfort back to your home.

Are you experiencing problems with your heat pump?

Let’s get an appointment on the books right away. Contact A-TEMP today. We’ll get things working for you again.

In need of a repair?

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