Ductless Heat Pump

Today’s ductless heat pumps can be an amazingly efficient and flexible cooling (and heating) solution for your home. Our modular, ductless choices are ideal for additions, hard to cool rooms, and other areas where it would be difficult to add ductwork. Unlike electric window air conditioners, this technology is exceptionally energy efficient, bringing energy costs down to a fraction of having to use several window units.

Ductless cold weather heat pumps can provide primary cooling and heating for your home. These systems are safe and incredibly quiet. You can easily control modular wall, floor, and ceiling units with a remote control. We have the choices, the knowledge, and the expertise to help you select an ideal ductless heat pump solution that will comfortably cool your home, while saving you money and being kind to the environment. Contact A-TEMP Heating & Cooling in Portland, OR with any questions or inquiries today!

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Great service, kind and wonderful technician. He definitely went the extra mile.

- Teresa H., Aloha
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