Coloring Pages

Once upon a time, Portland had the most perfect weather. It was cool in the winter, but not cold. It was warm in the summertime, but not hot. And the people of Portland sipped lemonade and frolicked in fountains; they wore furry hats and drank hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. The seasons were lovely and everyone was happy until… the Weather Bandits attacked.

SNAP! ColdSnap snapped her fingers and brought whirling winds, swirling snow and temperatures so cold, the city turned to ice. Woah is winter!

POW! HotHead got so hot he exploded, causing flowers to wilt and people to wither from the immense heat. The city was so hot, even the sidewalks sizzled. Suffering summer!


With his superpowers of heating and cooling, A-TEMP swooped in and saved the day! With his help, summer was no longer unbearable! And winter was suddenly wonderful, restoring perfect weather to Portland. And when the bandits return? You know who to call. (Hint: he has four wheels.)

Like the story? Make your own Attack of the Weather Bandits! Just print out and color ColdSnap, HotHead and the A-TEMP van. Feel like sharing? Give them to your service technician. We’d love to hear from you.