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Top Benefits Of HVAC Preventive Maintenance

Winter is hitting the greater Portland-area and it is time to switch on the heating system. Is your furnace ready for the winter comfort? Regular maintenance can help. The experts at A-TEMP are sharing with you the following benefits of signing up for HVAC maintenance. Improved IAQ A good Indoor air quality (IAQ) is paramount for […]

Watch Out For These Common Electrical Problems With Your Heater

We’re in the midst of winter and you’ve probably been firing up your furnace for quite some time now.  Hopefully, you don’t experience any problem with your heating system along the way. Investing in HVAC maintenance for the winter season is an effective strategy to keep you worry-free. However, no matter how you maintain your […]

Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs

No air conditioning on the hottest of days can ignite discomfort in homeowners, but try to keep your cool. Emergency air conditioner repairs can be performed quickly, to restore your indoor comfort. If your air conditioner stops cooling, here are a few helpful steps. These steps may save you time, money, and the hassle of […]

Healthy Indoor Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside the average home is up to five times more polluted than the air outside.  Nearly every home (96%) had at least one indoor air quality problem: 86% had high levels of particles and bioaerosols like dust, pollen, and viruses, 71% were filled with odors and potentially […]

Should you repair or replace your broken heating system?

There are certain modern conveniences that we all just assume are going to work. Many of us wake up in the morning, put on clean clothes in our warm homes, put our keys in our car’s ignition, turn them and the car starts. When your furnace, it’s usually unexpected. Should you repair or replace it? The […]