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Best Cooling Options for Your Sunroom

In the Portland Metro Area, one of the most common ways to enjoy the sun and the comfort of the indoors is by adding a sunroom. It is a perfect option for most homeowners especially this summer. However, with the temperature quickly rising, it is important to keep the sunroom cool and comfortable. Wondering how […]

The Dangers of A/C Duct Condensation

Have you noticed some water droplets building up in your air ducts? This occurrence is called condensation. It happens most in summer months when A/C units work in optimum performance to cool your home. Condensation in your A/C ducts may seem like a light issue, but if left unsolved, it could lead to detrimental problems. […]

Summer Electrical Safety Tips

As the weather gets hotter this summer, take note of electrical hazards that may cause injury or death to your family. No worries! Our team in the greater Portland area has compiled these electrical safety tips just right for this hot season. Replace your current and outdated light bulbs with LED or energy-efficient lightings. You […]

6 Causes of Temperature Imbalance in the Home

Are you wondering why some parts of the house are cooler than the other rooms? What you are experiencing is temperature imbalance. And, there are several factors and reasons why it happens in your place. Check this out! Too Big/Too Small HVAC System What happens if you installed the wrong size of system at home? […]

Importance of Proper Attic Insulation and Evaluation

Did you know that proper attic insulation can save up to 50% of your energy bill? This is why it is important to have your attic properly evaluated and insulated by professionals. Choices for Attic Insulation There are various types of materials you can choose for attic insulation. Three of the well-known options for modernized […]