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Common Types of Electrical Wiring Used in Homes

Electrical wirings are like veins that transport electricity to your appliances, devices and throughout your home. Learning each type of these wirings is a good point to start for greater safety at home. Let us help you understand the common types of electrical wirings for residential use. NM Cable Also known as “Romex,” this type […]

5 Common Home Lighting Mistakes

It might sound easy but installing some lighting fixtures in your home is not a simple task. It is not simply screwing a couple of bulbs and illuminating a dark area. If you want to bring life and color to your home through your lighting, you have to be aware of the few mistakes committed […]

HVAC Tips – Electrical Safety Checklist for Your Home

Because most of your heating and cooling equipment depend on electricity to work, it’s vital that you keep your home and HVAC system from electrical hazards. Dealing with electrical appliances needs cautious steps to minimize the possibility of electrocution or shock. Keep your family safe from the risk of injuries, fires, and even death with […]

Why Is My Outdoor A/C Unit’s Fan Not Spinning?

It is really frustrating to know that your air conditioner has stopped blowing in the cool air. Now what? Of course, you will check the unit to see the source of the problem. Doing a surface unit inspection includes checking your condenser’s fan. When you notice that the fan is not spinning, you need to […]

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

Everything seems to be fine with your electrical wiring system then suddenly, the power shuts off. Urrggh! How did this happen?  Electrical problems are common in most households, but if your power turns on and off often, something is wrong with your circuit breaker. Is it overloaded? Is it an appliance breakdown? You would not […]