Our People

We define an A-TEMP person by his or her character more than a set of skills. We look for honesty, clarity, good judgment, and a host of other traits as we consider if someone is the right fit. We believe that if a person fits our environment, we can help him or her expand into any number of roles or specialties.

People grow into their professional skills, but come equipped with character traits that define who they are. A-TEMP is and always will be a character-first company.

Our people have room to grow, from beginning technicians to Comfort Advisors, office personnel and managers. This is because we focus on who they are, and work with them on what they do. The reason that character matters most is simple: our people will be working in and around your home. We’re confident that our advisors and staff members are excellent at their jobs, while being trustworthy and respectful at all times. Or else they wouldn’t be part of A-TEMP.