Our history and legacy are built around the way we work, which translates to thousands of satisfied, repeat customers since 1968.

Ron Friedrich started A-TEMP because he believed that area homeowners deserved better than what was then available for their heating and cooling needs. Ron’s founding philosophy hasn’t changed. We are always trying to be better than before—better people, better services, and better results for customers.

Meet The Owner- Ron Friedrich

Ron has been in the HVAC business since 1968. For 50 years, Ron has installed and repaired thousands of HVAC units- just like yours- throughout Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. He knew from the start what makes an HVAC company provide outstanding service and has been committed to providing it to every client throughout his career. Ron was born and raised in Oregon City and went through Oregon City schools. His wife, Debi was born and raised in Hood River, Oregon and attended their local school system. It was after graduation where their paths crossed in Seaside Oregon and they have been together ever since. Ron and Debi have 3 children, Erika the oldest who resides in Clackamas, Monika who now lives in Seattle, Washington and Tyson Friedrich, the youngest who lives in Oregon City. Erika and Tyson are all graduates of Ron’s Alma Mater (OCHS) including Tyson's wife. Just recently, a new addition to the family has arrived as Tyson’s wife gave birth to a lovely baby. Ron and Debi are now blessed with five grandchildren. Today Ron and Debi have retired from work but they still manage to visit and oversee the business from time to time, mentoring the management team which includes Erika and Tyson. A-TEMP is designed around excellent customer service and we are always doing what is best for our clients' interests. We are ready to work for you. Give us a call today.  


We love this area, and make it our mission to continue to support local homeowners across Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. Our localized brand of service means we’re prepared to make you our top priority, to work around your schedule, and to provide the best solution for your home.


Nothing embodies life as an Oregonian than having an independent streak. Being an independent HVAC company is the best way to support our customers. It’s how we’re able to work 7 days a week, avoid overtime charges on our work, and perform services on any brand system. Being independent fits our spirit as well as our business. We’re happy to let our customers enjoy the rewards.