How do I know I my furnace needs to be repaired?

Sometimes, homeowners simply “feel” like something’s not right with their gas furnace. Maybe your home isn’t warming like it used to, or the furnace seems louder than before.

Other times, something more specific is happening, such as a complete loss of heat, too much heat, uneven heat distribution between rooms, or rattling coming from the returns.

What occurs during a repair?

Your furnace is a self-contained unit with dozens of individual parts, each functioning in relation to the other. When one part breaks down or deteriorates to the point of malfunctioning, this will prevent your system from functioning properly.

The first thing you can expect is that when you call A-TEMP between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., 7 days a week, a courteous voice will be on the other end of the phone prepared to schedule your appointment at the earliest convenience.

Once inside your home, our technician will perform a complete diagnostic as well as a visual check of your system. We then communicate with you, invite you to have a look, and provide you with a specific overview of related costs. We’ll also discuss our process about how we’ll repair your system and bring comfort back to your home.

Is your furnace having problems?

Don’t delay. Contact an A-TEMP representative now to schedule an appointment in the Portland, OR area and get things working again.