What should I expect during an A-TEMP ductless heat pump tune-up?

All manufacturers recommend annual maintenance and care by a licensed HVAC contractor. During an A-TEMP 21-Point Precision Tune-Up, we will record measurements and observations, and identify and recommend any corrective actions needed to maintain the system’s ability to provide clean, conditioned air to your home for its normal expected lifetime.

Our 21-Point Precision Tune-Up

  • Verify control is sending proper signal to the system.
  • Inspect outdoor cabinet for rust, holes, seam separation, and proper clearances.
  • Inspect electrical disconnect.
  • Ensure proper grounding of equipment.
  • Check voltage to outdoor unit.
  • Inspect all electrical connections on outdoor unit.
  • Inspect motor capacitors.
  • Inspect fan blade for free rotation and minimal endplay.
  • Check line set and coil for signs of oil leaking.
  • Clean outdoor coil.
  • Clean interior and exterior of cabinet.
  • Apply protective coating to exterior of outdoor unit.
  • Inspect indoor head(s) for defects.
  • Check voltage to indoor unit.
  • Inspect all electrical connections on indoor head.
  • Check airflow and fan speeds.
  • Check indoor coil for signs of oil leaking.
  • Clean indoor coil.
  • Check condensate line for proper drainage and clean if necessary.
  • Remove and check/clean filter. Replace if needed. Certain filter replacements require additional charges, depending on the type of filter your system utilizes. Our technicians will discuss this with you before any replacements.
  • Verify control settings and cycle ductless heat pump to verify proper sequence of operation upon completion.

Is it time to tune-up your ductless heat pump?

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