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Helpful Hints for Summertime Savings

Summer has arrived in the Portland metro area, and we can all start to feel the heat. But did you know that preparing your meals indoors can contribute to your air conditioner working harder? Your oven and stove both produce heat that is released into the home, which can counteract all of the hard work […]

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Yes, that’s right. If you’ve ever needed a reason to install a new cooling unit in your home, this is it! Now, you may be thinking “But I don’t need air conditioning in Oregon!” However, as we know, the weather has been getting warmer due to Global Warming1. With all of the extremely hot days […]

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Are your Ducts- Duct Duct – Gross?

Do a little investigating on your own. Start by having a look at the duct registers or grilles: Are they discolored and coated with a fine, dark dust? If you remove the cover, reach into the duct, and wipe its sides with a damp rag, does it come out filthy? If so, you should consider […]

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Two Solutions for you to spring into spring!

As our winter days come to an end, and we start to see that beautiful Pacific Northwest sunshine, it’s easy to start dreaming of spring. Does this weather get you into the spring cleaning mood? Cleaning the kitchen, going through that mound of winter clothing that has piled up in your closet, or just packing […]

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The process from beginning to end was exceptional. We appreciated very prompt attention to our service needs.
— Tom & Kim C., Beaverton
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