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Importance of Duct Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality – There have been rumors that Indoor Air Quality is going to be equivalent to the bottled water craze.  Currently there is a water filtration company that shares figures on how many times the empty water bottles we consumed last year would circle the globe.  While we don’t believe Indoor Air Quality […]

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The Importance of Annual Maintenance

If you take a look at an Owner’s Manual for a gas furnace you will find one common suggestion, no matter what brand, on the recommended service and maintenance.  Each manual may be worded differently but they all say the same thing:  The furnace should be cleaned and adjusted by a certified contractor once a […]

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From sales to installation & follow up, A-TEMP personnel were professional, experience, courteous and skilled. As a retired architect, I was very pleased at system descriptions during sales and efficiency during installation.
— Gordon L., Lake Oswego
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